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Welcome to Open Window Restoration

Wonderful Original Wood Windows–the WOW! Factor

If you have kept the original windows in your home rather than replacing them, congratulations! You are adding to the value of your home and preserving an important part of our region’s architectural history. We call it the “WOW!” factor!

  • Wonderful because the simple mechanics of original windows are easy to repair and maintain using readily available materials.
  • Original so they add to the authenticity and character of your home. Original windows were often created specifically for the home, and are distinctive and period-appropriate
  • Wood, particularly the old-growth wood of windows made before the 1950s, will usually last hundreds of years or more—four or five times as long as modern replacements.

Don’t compromise and replace your windows—choose restoration:

... No compromising on budget, because restoration is less expensive than replacement—especially over the long term.
... No compromising on your environmental values, because original windows can be as energy efficient as replacements and you keep them (and their replacements) out of landfills.
... No compromising the beauty and authenticity of your home. Your original windows are like fine antiques that you are preserving for future generations.

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Original windows are a selling feature.
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